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[21-07-2017] O.J. Simpson Was Granted Parole after More Than Eight Years in Prison

According to Lovelock Correctional Center, Nevada, O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday after more than eight years in prison

[19-07-2017] Free Agent Anquan Bolkin Favored by Multiple Teams

The free agent wide receiver Anquan Boldin will not stay away from the stadium, and he may now go home to play or go to a Super Bowl’s hot team to play

[19-07-2017] Three Franchise Players Failed to Sign Long Term Contract before the Deadline

The NFL's deadline for signing a privileged franchise player has passed

[19-07-2017] NFL Ushered the First Female Instant Replay Official in New Season

Terri Valenti breaks ground in becoming first female instant replay official, the league announced Thursday